Time to "Consider it Crunched!"

Time To "Consider it Crunched!"

Who We Are

I have grown up surrounded by builders.  Builders of buildings, builders of businesses, and builders of relationships.  My dream has always been to build something.  Build a tool that will make the life of someone else better.  Save you time, make your day more efficient, or generate you more income (money).

Isn't it great when things just work?  You find yourself saying, “wow, that was easy”.  I have always enjoyed doing that.  Well, after years (one and a half to be exact) of development and collaboration, welcome to Crunched!  My name is Chris Reims and I am the founder and CEO of Crunched, Inc., a Smart Cloud Accounting Software designed for small businesses.  

I am a CPA and have been working in public accounting with small to medium sized businesses for almost 10 years.  I have worked with owners of bakeries, medical practices, landscapers, manufacturers, tech startups and nonprofits, just to name a few.  I have worked with and developed many accounting solutions and software packages.  

From general bookkeeping to monthly reporting, sales tax and payroll, to year-end tax filings, I have worked through all phases of the business accounting cycle and regulatory filings.  All while everyone says, “ How's it going crunching those numbers?”  Quite frankly, crunching the numbers isn't that exciting, it's the output that gets very exciting.  Insight into your business, financial statement analysis, analytics, projections, budgets, making improvements in your cashflow and becoming more profitable is why I enjoy doing what I do, accounting.

I have embarked on this journey with my best friend, my brother Matt.  As our COO, Matt brings a great deal of know-how in the business environment, technology space, and general operations.  Together our goal is to build a relaxed culture of motivated coworkers that love nothing more than to innovate and always improve, make things better.  We work everyday to provide you with the motivation and support to help you account for your transactions and grow your business.  


What We Do

Build great software and smart business accounting solutions!  Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need and none that you don't.  

As time has progressed through my career, many things have remained the same, as most things have for a long time.  However, one major thing has changed the accounting industry greatly, technology.  Technology has played a major role in the ease of access, data entry, and reporting for businesses.  Translating revenue and expense transactions into financial statements and on-demand KPI reports is imperative to being successful in business today.  

One thing I have learned over the years is that every industry accounts for their transactions a little differently through different methods and tools.  Some businesses invoice customers or clients while other businesses use point of sale solutions, some maintain inventories while others account for billable time, all generating and requiring different accounting solutions.  Many solutions provide pieces to the puzzle, but make putting the puzzle together very intricate.  Many business owners don't find or have the time.

Business owners have become dependent on their accounting software to do the heavy lifting so they can focus on their businesses.  In most cases this has only benefited the business owner.  However, in many cases the accounting software can provide a disservice due to accounting errors, resulting in mispostings and unreconciled balances.  

Historically you could wait weeks, months, or even years as a small business owner to see your financial status (aside from the obvious direction of your checkbook).  Compiling accurate accounting records and processing reliable transactions was a job in itself, unraveling penciled accounting ledgers written in hieroglyphics from numerous bookkeepers.  Today reports are expected, quickly, at the click of a button.

At Crunched, our goal is to provide you all the pieces to the puzzle to make your business accounting software seamless.  No more integrations, no more aligning accounts and customer data, no more file transfers, no more accounting errors and misleading reports.  We have developed our software with you and your business in mind.  Providing you with the accounting tools necessary for your industry.  


Why We Do It

To spare your sanity and to make you more money!  You work hard enough during the day, you don't need to waste more time fighting with your bookkeeping.  I have worked with many clients that show up at year end in a mad panic because their records are in shambles and their taxes are due in a week, they need documents for a refinance, they are looking for information and don't have any idea where to begin.  

One thing I find in common with all of those instances is that the clients all have and pay for some sort of bookkeeping solution.  They usually have staggered random postings and find it impossible to update and bring the records current.  The information that can be retrieved is horribly inaccurate and in most cases I find it easier to start from the beginning.  Unfortunately it ends up costing the client more time and more money.

For these reasons it is exactly why Crunched has been created.  Our software has been developed to minimize those instances and provide a solution that is smart.  One that works with you, not against you.  One that minimizes the risk of error while increasing the chances of accuracy and timeliness.  One that is proactive, and not reactive.

Your next questions should be, “what makes an accounting software smart?”  Well, accounting is a simple concept, it is the recording of an event, a financial event.  Most events are considered cash transactions while others are considered non-cash transactions.  In the past, that financial event would be recorded manually by a bookkeeper in various journals. Today transactions are recorded electronically through different software solutions.  Same concept just a different, faster method.  

With today's advanced technology, be it mobile phones, tablets, or even watches, the recognition of these events, like most things, has become very quick, almost instantaneous.  These mobile devices communicate rapidly while translating a lot more data than a human bookkeeper ever could record after the fact.  

We have built Crunched to anticipate the financial transaction and to be proactive towards the record keeping. We have added features that provide notifications and prominent status bars so you can reach 100% accuracy and timeliness.  We are confident this will alleviate the risk of accounting errors, and misleading financial reports.     

Get back to you growing your business and making smart decisions. It’s time to “Consider it Crunched”.