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Crunched is looking for engaging content that will help our audience made up of entrepreneurs and business owners learn strategies and tips to grow their business. Check out our editorial guidelines below and see if the Crunched blog seems like a place for your style. If so, simply fill out our quick topic questionnaire below to get started.


Editorial Guidelines

Topics - Small Business

  • Tips for Understanding and Improving Internal Accounting Operations

  • Technology Resources to Help Business Growth

  • Accounting Industry News and Updates



  • Our blog articles are designed to be an easy read with a personal touch. We try to stay away from “fluff” and get straight to the point with a professional, conversational tone.



  • We require one, high resolution, at least 600 pixels wide image for the article banner image.

  • If the article requires other images to compliment certain text, please provide those images. These images are required to be high resolution, at least 600 pixels wide, and legible text within the image.



  • All content MUST BE an original piece. If an article is found to be a duplicate from another published location, the article will be removed and the author will be dropped from future publishings.

  • We recommend trying to cross-link throughout our other blog posts or external blog posts. Linking to external posts MUST NOT link to an opt-in page.

  • You can however include a link in your author’s byline.

  • There is absolutely no pitching of any kind.

  • All facts must checkout and be credited back to their external source

  • Blog articles must be at least 700-1000 words in length (Longer is accepted but requires multiple graphics and images)



  • Our blog posts are produced for a 3 week posting deadline from the point of acceptance. We allow our authors to choose their blog posting date so we ask they please follow and meet the deadlines throughout the 3 weeks.

    • Day 1 - Blog topic questionnaire submitted for approval

    • Day 7 - First draft is submitted

    • Day 10 - Revisions sent back to author

    • Day 14 - Final draft submitted

    • The final 7 days are for uploading, verifying all content, fact checking and final scheduling.

    • Day 21 - Article is posted

  • If any deadlines are not met, the article will be bumped from it’s original post date and assigned a new one.


Benefits, Payment, Byline Options

  • Featured post at the top of our blog site

  • Author byline with the opportunity to link to your personal blog or site

  • Post promotion to the entire Crunched community through our email list, social pages and paid search to help with maximum exposure


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